Simple Turns by Valet Waste is a full-scale turn service company headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Current turn services are provided by a vast subcontractor network located throughout the southern and western U.S. and include painting, housekeeping, carpet cleaning, common area cleaning, water extraction and punch services while utilizing a high-tech process of scheduling, invoicing and quality control.

National Multifamily Turn Service Specialists

For over 20 years, Simple Turns by Valet Waste has been working with the Multifamily Housing Industry throughout cities across the United States. Our dedicated team of industry experts knows what is required from all of the key players in the industry, which includes maintenance supervisors, leasing agents, property managers, asset managers and ownership groups.

Commercial Cleaning & Renovation

Your property gets beaten up on a daily basis. From your office management team members spilling toner in the hallways to the oily mess left on the concrete in your warehouse, we know how to make your commercial property shine! We have the staff on hand to help with those lease-hold improvements that you have been waiting to get done or repair the damage on your wall from the runaway forklift. 

Residential Cleaning & Painting

We love to assist you where it is most important to you - at your home! Let Simple Turns by Valet Waste be your preferred vendor of choice to put the sparkle in your house, make your carpets smell their freshest and put that new layer of paint on your walls to really make your home pop!

Punch Services

Our detailed punch list services can solve unexpected maintenance needs and incidental damage to an apartment. Punch checklists can include lights, outlets, switches, wall plates, doors, and hardware, alarms, windows, fans and HVAC, shelving, appliances, disposals, hot/cold water, faucets, drains and more.


Simple Services

What do you need done?
Painting? Housekeeping? Carpet Cleaning?
You need these services done on time,
properly and at a fair price.


Simple Prices

Simple prices. Seems easy enough.
We give you a simple price without a lot of add-ons after the fact so the price on your invoice
is as you expected it.


Simple Schedules

Are you tired of waiting on hold, or worried that your service provider did not understand you?
Submit your order request online.
No fuss. No mess.



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